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[docs]def migRing(populations, k, selection, replacement=None, migarray=None): """Perform a ring migration between the *populations*. The migration first select *k* emigrants from each population using the specified *selection* operator and then replace *k* individuals from the associated population in the *migarray* by the emigrants. If no *replacement* operator is specified, the immigrants will replace the emigrants of the population, otherwise, the immigrants will replace the individuals selected by the *replacement* operator. The migration array, if provided, shall contain each population's index once and only once. If no migration array is provided, it defaults to a serial ring migration (1 -- 2 -- ... -- n -- 1). Selection and replacement function are called using the signature ``selection(populations[i], k)`` and ``replacement(populations[i], k)``. It is important to note that the replacement strategy must select *k* **different** individuals. For example, using a traditional tournament for replacement strategy will thus give undesirable effects, two individuals will most likely try to enter the same slot. :param populations: A list of (sub-)populations on which to operate migration. :param k: The number of individuals to migrate. :param selection: The function to use for selection. :param replacement: The function to use to select which individuals will be replaced. If :obj:`None` (default) the individuals that leave the population are directly replaced. :param migarray: A list of indices indicating where the individuals from a particular position in the list goes. This defaults to a ring migration. """ nbr_demes = len(populations) if migarray is None: migarray = list(range(1, nbr_demes)) + [0] immigrants = [[] for i in range(nbr_demes)] emigrants = [[] for i in range(nbr_demes)] for from_deme in range(nbr_demes): emigrants[from_deme].extend(selection(populations[from_deme], k)) if replacement is None: # If no replacement strategy is selected, replace those who migrate immigrants[from_deme] = emigrants[from_deme] else: # Else select those who will be replaced immigrants[from_deme].extend(replacement(populations[from_deme], k)) for from_deme, to_deme in enumerate(migarray): for i, immigrant in enumerate(immigrants[to_deme]): indx = populations[to_deme].index(immigrant) populations[to_deme][indx] = emigrants[from_deme][i]
__all__ = ['migRing']